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May 20, 2023


Jack Updates

Mindsets & Motivations

Mindsets & Motivations goes beyond flat demographics and generic personas to uncover the smartest insights into your customers' needs, motivations and contexts.

We’ll identify your most critical areas of focus from a customer perspective and help you turn real insights into real outcomes.

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our new site ( featuring three core offerings, each designed to deliver results in under a quarter!

These offerings are:

🧠 Mindsets & Motivations: understand a customer group better, and go beyond flat demographics and personas

🛣 Experience Evolution: improve upon an existing product or service in measurable ways

🚀 New Venture Design: enter a new market or launch a new service

(read more on our site under "Offerings" and below)

Over the next few days, we’ll be zooming in on each of these offerings on LinkedIn and we’d love your feedback! We want to know what you’re interested in, what your needs are and what you’re working on. And, please follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe via our site to keep up to date with the new Jack. ✨

Here’s a bit more on how we developed these offerings:

Almost six years after starting Jack, we’re facing a changed world in terms of how we work, the tech we have access to and what customers demand. In light of these changes, we asked ourselves: “How can we deliver more value for our clients today?”

We know that now more than ever, companies and leaders need greater confidence and clarity in their paths to innovation — and they need those paths to be shorter and less steep.

So, we put that insight into action by expanding our toolkit to include deeper prototyping via no-code tools and experimentation, and by refining the services we’ve provided to more than 20 leading brands across 50+ briefs into three offerings. These offerings all include a combination of insights, design, business results and prototyping, and deliver outcomes in less than a quarter.

✨ Getting to this milestone has been a true community effort. ✨

Huge thanks to the Jack team members who drive our impact daily, to our clients who inspire us to keep sharpening what we do, and to our friends, family and collaborators who have championed our work from the start. And, special thanks to the amazing crew (Madhuri, Arjun, Sarah, Jessica, Miriam and bárbara) that worked on every word and pixel you’re seeing today, and to our sounding boards (Billy, Karthi, Rich, Keren, Doriand Dana), who helped us test and refine along the way.


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