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We recruit people who are passionate and want to share their thoughts, not people who are research pros. And, we're always committed to representation across demographics and perspectives.


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We reach out to you if you match our criteria for a research project. You can then participate by sharing your perspectives and feedback on products candidly in a privacy-first setting and get paid fairly.


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We are currently looking for:


60 mins


GenZ individuals on finance

22-26 yrs

We want to talk to you about money habits and managing your finances.


45 mins


Daily Commuters in Brooklyn

25-35 yrs

We want to talk to you about city navigation and planning events.


30 mins


Marathon Runners in US

20-40 yrs

We want to talk to you about running, fitness and your running gear.


40 mins


Medical Software Developers in Los Angeles

20-30 yrs

We want to talk to you about current medical apps and your thoughts on the future.

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